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Absorbent Pads

FiberLink™ and FiberDuck™ Absorbent Poly Pads are designed to pick up spills on contact, stop liquids from running, and prevent tracking in the workplace. The absorbent pads are easy and safe to use and are bonded for extra strength and durability.

A choice of lightweight, medium-weight and heavyweight absorbent pads fit your individual spill needs.

FiberLink Universal Absorbent Pads are designed to absorb all kinds of spills, and come in a dark gray or highly visible hazmat yellow. The color gray helps to hide grease and grime, and hazmat yellow helps to identify hazardous liquids or conditions.

FiberDuck Oil-Only Absorbent Pads come in a clean white color and absorb petroleum products while repelling water.

All absorbent pads are available in bales or in convenient dispenser boxes. FiberLink gray and yellow pads are also available in wall mountable dispensers.

ColdForm bonded natural absorbent pads are unlike anything else on the market today. They offer outstanding absorbency and durability at an unheard of value.

This product line is manufactured with almost no dependency on either foreign or domestic oil production. And it is a top performer as well. Bonded natural ColdForm absorbent pads out-perform polypropylene by up to 40%.

This entire product line is manufactured utilizing largely American-grown renewable resources.